Marathon Hot Air Lance

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Marathon Hot Air Lance


Torch Length:                                     47 1/2”
Torch Weight:                                     10.7 lb
Air Outlet Temperature:                   2500°F
BTU Rating:                                        120,000 BTU/hr
Propane Supply:                                20 psi (Use min. 100lb. – vapor withdrawal tank)

Propane Hose:                                   3/8” x 40 ft. hose with propane regulator
Propane Consumption:                   5.57 lb/hr @ 20 psi
Compressed Air Consumption:     80 CFM @ 100 psi
Air Hose:                                            5/8” x 40 ft. hose with compressor fittings

Torch:   All stainless steel construction with air valve, propane valve, high temp air deflector assembly
and adjustable shoulder strap.

Options:           Stainless steel wheel kit