Marathon UCMK65S Oil Jacketed Melting Kettles

This kettle has been designed for smaller jobs and elevator accessibility. The kettle is made up of a material vat situated within an outer vat containing heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid is heated via a fire chamber, providing indirect heating to the material while constantly being agitated.

65 Gallon Capacity, Propane
Gravity Pour Delivery

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Marathon UCMK65S Oil Jacketed Melting Kettles

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty channel iron frame.
  • Long lasting all welded construction – not bolted.
  • Industrial grade axle(s) with leaf spring suspension and electric brakes.
  • Adjustable hitch with 3” pintle eye and safety chains.
  • Thick sheet metal panels exceed the standard used in competitive products.
  • 2” material dispensing valve.
  • Low center of gravity for safe towing, superior rear visibility and ease of operation.
  • Reverse loading material lid provides safe, anti-splash loading of material into kettle.
  • Well insulated material vat and firing chamber provides optimum fuel economy.
  • Full sweep, reciprocating, non-jamming agitation is mechanically driven.
  • Easy to read, rear mounted material and oil thermometers.
  • Conveniently located heavy duty, adjustable screw type jack.
  • Exhaust stack(s) with rain cover.
  • 100 lb. propane bottle holder comes complete with hold down straps.
  • All necessary stop and directional signal lights.
  • Increased corrosion resistance with epoxy primer and standard blue paint finish.
  •  Options

  • Automatic temperature control.
  • 200,000 BTU hand held vapour propane torch with 15 ft. hose.
  • Electric breakaway switch with battery.
  • Hydraulic surge brakes.
  • 5 lb. or 10 lb. fire extinguisher with bracket.
  • 3” material dispensing valve.
  • Tool box.
  • Strobe light.
  • UCMK65 skid mounted with four 8” diameter caster wheels.
  • Customer’s choice of paint colour.