Lindley Vibra Strike I Power Screed

The original Vibra Strike I is ready to
screed either wet or form to form. The Vibra Strike I and VSII are the only power screeds with our patented horizontal vibration that gives you a honeycomb free, first bull float finish as fast as you can pour!

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Lindley Vibra Strike I Power Screed

Weight: 30 pounds
Engine: Honda/GX35 4 Stroke
Frame: Cast Heat Treated Magnesium
Eccentric Weight: 12L 14 Steel
Vibrating Head: Steel Lined Heat Treated Magnesium

The 1.5 horsepower Honda/GX35 Engine has finely balanced rotating parts to give extra long life.
Megaflex cable housing and four 1-1/2″, 40 durometer SBR rubber bushings for vibration isolation.
Adjustable vibrator head allows the user to vary the amount of vibration to suit the concrete condition.

The throttle control gives finger tip adjustment of vibration speed.
Kickstand keeps enine out of concrete or off the ground when not in use.
The vibrator head has a DOM steel cylinder tubing insert that is precisely honed to house the bearings and drive shaft for extended life under extreme work conditions.