Lindley Vibra Strike Rattler

A Self contained gas-powered concrete vibrator that is simple for one person to operate. The powerful, yet compact, Honda Engine eliminates the need for backpacks, restrictive straps, and dedicated power sources. The result is an efficient and affordable vibrator that is instantly ready for any vertical form.

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Lindley Vibra Strike Rattler

Weight: 20 pounds
Engine: Honda 4 Stroke
Cable Housing: Megaflex, steel reinforced
Available in 4′-16′ lengths
Vibrating Head: DOM CRS tubing

Single operator design that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Eliminates backpacks and two man start up.
The 1.5 horsepower Honda/GX35 engine has finely balanced rotating parts to give extra long life.
Newly patented design of the vibrator head generates high amplitude vibration at lower RPMs.