Ernest Industries Shortstop Concrete Blender

• Volumetrically Blends Cement, Aggregate And Water To Produce Ready Mixed Concrete
• Designed For Loading Mix Trailers And Small Ready Mix Trucks
• Available In Dry Belt Or Wet Mix Auger System
• One Or Two Aggregate Bins
• 220 Barrel Cement Silo
• PLC Batch Control With Adjustable Recipes, Slump Control, Admix Pump

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Ernest Industries Shortstop Concrete Blender

Small In Size – Big In Profits – And Big On Features:

• Two 8-cubic yard aggregate hoppers
• Hoppers 1/4”-steel construction
• 12” trough conveyor under each hopper
• 18” trough discharge belt with 5-HP motor
• 220 barrel cement silo with bag house
• Simple to calibrate and operate
• Adjustable height discharge conveyor
• Heavy steel tubular frame
• All electric powered 230/460V
• PLC batch control
• User-defined batch recipes
• Water metering system for slump control
• Standard off-shelf electrical components
• Fills trailer mixers and small mixer trucks