SFP 8-15 Slip Form Paver

2 Track Slip Form Paver capable of paving width from 8 ft to 15 ft. (2.45 m – 4.5 m)

125 HP Engine

6 Vibrators

8 Vibrator Circuits

Spreader Auger System
Hydraulic Strike-Off
Grade Control System

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SFP 8-15
  • Poly Pads
  • Additional Complete Frame Extension Assemblies
  • Additional Hydraulic Vibrators
  • Curb Molds Built to Customer Specification
  • Male Side Form Key
  • Hydraulic Center Bar Inserters with Electronic Indicator
  • Hydraulic Side Bar Inserter with Electronic Indicator
  • Hydraulic Oscillating Rear Belt Finisher with Variable Speed Control
  • Hydraulic Curb Shut-Off for Curb Molds
  • Manual Curb Shut-Off for Curb Molds
  • Belt Conveyor for Unloading Transit Mixer Off-Grade
  • Sensor for Reverse Steering and Travel
  • Water Fogging Bar (for Watering Burlap)
  • Additional 8 Port Vibrator Manifold (when purchased with new machine)
  • 4 Point Outrigger Lift -for lifting the Paver for Truck loading
  • Hydraulic Oscillating Auto Float
  • Hydraulic Edge Slump Control (in lieu of manual)
  • Metal Keyway Former and Punch Assembly
  • Other Engines Available at Customer Request
  • Optional Track Lengths and Width