Roadware Concrete Mender™ Off-white

Repairing Polished and architectural Concrete with Concrete Mender™.

Stop repairing polished concrete with polyurea joint fillers. They look like plastic, do not bond well, and do not hold-up over time. Concrete polishing lets the natural beauty of stones, sand, and rock shine through. Your repair product should as well.

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Roadware Concrete Mender™ Off-white

We took the proven Microdoweling™ properties of Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ and combined it with natural sands, aggregates and pigments to make repairs that not only look great, but perform better than epoxies and polyureas.

The repair pictured above shows Roadware Concrete Mender™ Off-white blended with plain concrete sand and a small amount of portland cement. This water-thin polyurethane is almost translucent. When we add nearly any type of dry sand or aggregate, we get a fast-curing polishable repair that blends beautifully with the surrounding concrete. Since this material is almost translucent, it resists shadowing effects due to over-banding when applied.

• Repairs may be polished in 10 to 15 minutes.
• Repairs will not gum up, tear-out, or smear into the surrounding surface when polished.
• Use with a variety of sands and pigments to achieve different colors and textures.
• Microdoweling™ action gets in deep and repairs the concrete from the inside out.

• Architectural color, patterns and surfaces can be maintained.

• Twin cartridge pin-point application for small cracks and joints.
• Bulk bucket mix application for spalls and large area treatment.
• Cures in a wide temperature range from –20F to 100F.
• Worldwide network of trained distributors.
• Available in gray or natural white.

• Repair cracks.
• Repair spalls.
• Fill divots, pop outs, and bolt holes.
• Fill spalled control joints.


Roadware Concrete Mender is used to quickly repair cracks and spalls in concrete. Concrete Mender™ combines exclusive Microdoweling™ technology for a permanent structural repair and user-added colors for a repair that looks great.

Cures in 10 – 15 minutes.
Permanent Microdoweling™ technology.
User may add color to match existing concrete.
May be blended with a wide variety of dry sand for matching color and appearance.
May be honed and polished in about 15 minutes at 70°F.
Will accept concrete dyes after honing.
Will adapt to colored sand or quartz for endless color combinations.

Roadware colors added directly to cartridges or dry powdered concrete colors added to the sand.

Roadware Concrete Mender™ Off-white is available in:
70105 50ml cartridge
70300 300×300 cartridge
70020 two gallon bulk kit
70050 10 gallon bulk kit