RGC MiniSaw

The RGC MiniSaw is the newest product in our line of hydraulic concrete cutting saws. Because it is about 1/3 the weight of a full size chain saw it is the lightweight, portable answer for the contractor with quick or sporatic cutting jobs. The versatile MiniSaw makes clean, fast, precise, and straight cuts through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and various aggregates.

The MiniSaw can be run from an RGC HydraPak or any other compatible hydraulic power supply. It is the ideal tool for any contractor working with concrete. spacer

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RGC MiniSaw


Makes plunge, bottom, notch, trim, and corner cuts with no overcutting.
Choice of chain types and 13″ or 15″ cutting depths to meet specific needs.
Diamond cutting segments are laser welded to a high carbon steel chain chasis.
Dual-function trigger starts and stops tool and water flow simultaneously for convenience and operator safety.
Lightweight aluminum frame is ergonomically designed to enhance cutting precision while reducing operator fatigue.
Roller nose sprocket extends chain and bar life.
Water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling, and abrasion flushing through eight internal bar channels.
Hydraulically powered In-Line pump is available to assure adequate water supply.