RGC HydraCutter C150

Introduced as the industry’s first concrete cutting chain saw, the RGC HydraCutter C150™ has always been the best performing tool in its class. This rugged, versatile saw makes clean, fast, precise, and straight cuts through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and aggregate.

And the C150™ is redesigned for 2015!
New features include a cast aluminum frame, redesigned valve, water drain and a choice of 8 gpm or 12 gpm hydraulic motors.

The HydraCutter C150™ is truely the tool of choice for virtually every specialty cutting situation!

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RGC HydraCutter C150


8 gpm or 12 gpm saws now available!
New cast aluminum frame.
Redesigned valve.
Water drain.
Makes plunge, bottom, notch, trim, and corner cuts with no overcutting.
Choice of chain types to meet specific cutting needs.
Diamond Cutting Segments are laser welded to high carbon steel chains.
Optional 15″, 20″ or 30″ cutting depth.
Dual-function trigger starts and stops tool and water flow simultaneously for convenience and operator safety.
Lightweight, ergonomic design with cushioned handles and balanced weight distribution enhances precision cutting with minimal force reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.
Roller nose sprocket extends chain and bar life.
Water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling, and abrasion flushing through internal bar ports.
Tapered bar design transmits increased power to the nose, reducing chain wear during plunge cuts.
Hydraulically powered In-Line pump is available to assure adequate water supply.