Nomaco Nomaflex Closed Cell Flat Profiles

Closed-cell polypropylene foam used in concrete construction such as expansion joints or forms.

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Nomaco Nomaflex Closed Cell Flat Profiles

Nomaflex® is a closed cell extruded polypropylene foam that is easy to handle, has no odor or sticky residue and can be installed using traditional installation methods.

Polypropylene foam can be used as a form and is rigid enough to withstand concrete pouring. It can be re-used and is compatible with traditional plastic edge caps to leave a void for sealants.

Nomaflex® extends the service life of concrete by acting as an insulator to contraction and expansion joints, while acting as a bond breaker for sealants. Common applications include, but are not limited to: sidewalks, streets, driveways, highways, curbs, parking lots, patios, airport runways, commercial and industrial applications.


• Lightweight, 1 person can carry 10 pieces
• Tested to bend around 13” column without breaking
• Waterproof; can be stored outside
• Easy to transport
• Easy to use, same installation methods as currently used
• Can hold in place using nails, stakes or spray adhesives*
• Compatible with plastic edge caps to leave a void for sealants
• Can be used with hot and cold sealants
• Does not leach out
• No sticky residue