Nomaco SOF Rod Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

Original, round, flexible, polyolefin foam rod made of a non-absorbing outer skin and a resilient interior network of both open and closed cells that does not out-gas when ruptured.

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Nomaco SOF Rod Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

TYPE: B – Per ASTM C 1330. Cylindrical, flexible sealant backings composed of bicellular material. Also reference ASTM C 717 for use as gasket or sealing material.
TYPE: 3 -Per ASTM D 5249. Round rods of various diameters for use with non-sag and self leveling cold applied sealants.
FORM: Round Foam Rod.

SOF Rod limits the depth of the sealant and prevents excessive sealant use. It also helps sealant assume optimum shape factor to prolong sealant service life and acts as a barrier to the flow of sealant through the joint. SOF Rod is soft enough to fill in tight areas and non-outgassing to prevent sealant bubbling and failure.

Common applications include, but are not limited to, expansion and contraction joints, window glazing, curtain wall construction partitions, parking decks, bridge construction, modular home gasketing, and log home chinking.

• Easy to apply
• Non-gassing
• Non-exuding
• Chemically inert
• Virtually dust-free
• Non-absorbing
• Meets all of the requirements of the 1990 Clean Air Act
• Is a “Domestic End Product” as defined in the Buy American Act, Title 41 USC 10