Minnich H3 / H6

Multiple Drill, Equipment Mounted Unit

Side shift is optional
330 degree drill bed rotation
Includes oil cooler
Adjustable drill height, depth and centers
Includes valving for most equipment with auxiliary circuit
Backhoe or skid loader mounted
Dust collection Available

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Minnich H3 / H6


Model H-2/H-6
Drill Steel Shank .875″ x 4.25″
(22.2mm x 107.9mm)
Drill Steel Length 24″(61.0cm)
Under Collar
Drill Bit Diameter .625″ to 2.5″
(15.9mm to 63.5mm)
*Maximum Drill Depth 18″ (45.7cm)
Drill Distance From Top of Slab 3″ to 12 ”
(7.6cm to 30.5cm)
Minimum Cutout Width 48″ (121.9cm)
Weight H-2 1250 lbs. (567.0kg)
Weight H-3 1500 lbs. (680.4kg)
Weight H-4 1750 lbs. (793.8kg)
Weight H-5 2000 lbs. (907.2kg)
Weight H-6 2125 lbs. (963.9kg)
Hydraulic Requirements
GPM Required Per Drill 10 (37.9 l/min)
PSIG Required 2000 (13.8MPa)
Air Requirements
SCFM Required Per Drill 15 (0.43m3/min)
PSIG Required 90 (0.62MPa)

*Based on 2 piece steel and bits.  Whirlybits should be 1″ longer for maximum drilling depth.