Blastpro BP 5-54 Dust Collector


Blower Motor -> 5 hp
Voltage -> 460v, 3-phase, 60 hz
Amperage -> 5.8 A
Power Cord -> 55 ft.

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Blastpro BP 5-54 Dust Collector

The BP 5-54 is designed to accompany the BP-10 on medium-to-large jobs including industrial plant and warehouse floors, parking garages, and bridge or ship decks. The BP 5-54 operates on 460 V, 3-phase power. The BP 5-54 is based on a tried and true design, offering robust construction and industry leading productivity. When coupled with the BP 10 shot blasting unit, the BP 5-54 is a spectacular option for your surface preparation fleet without sacrificing quality, durability, and operator comfort.