Marathon Kera10 Oil Jacketed Melting Kettles

This oil jacketed melting kettle is designed for heating and dispensing of rubberized crack filler and is well suited for use by smaller asphalt contractors and electrical contractors.

10 Gallon Propane Walk-behind

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Marathon Kera10 Oil Jacketed Melting Kettles

Features & Benefits

  • A low cost melting kettle that has many of the features of our larger oil jacketed melters.
  • Ideal size and design for small asphalt and electrical contractors.
  • Optional automatic temperature control safely controls heating of the heat transfer oil.
  • Single 53,000 BTU vapour propane safety burner with out-fire protection.
  • Full wrap around oil jacket.
  • Single 200,000 BTU hand held propane torch.
  • Manual full sweep agitation speeds up melting while minimizing overheating of material.
  • Oil and material temperature thermometers.
  • Large diameter rear wheels and swivel front caster improve maneuverability.
  • Hinged cover for easy material loading and improved heat retention.
  • Precise material flow achieved with a 3/4” bronze valve with controls at the handle bar.
  • Specifications

  • Weight 195 lb.
  • Overall dimensions: 60”L x 24”W x 38”H
  • Convenient loading height 25”
  • 10 gallon material capacity
  • 3 1/2 gallon heat transfer oil capacity
  • Options

  • 3” wide spring loaded squeegee
  • Automatic temperature control